Friday, December 15, 2006

back from kuching...

just came back from kuching on wednesday..still lagi penat..nnt aku masukan gmbar utk korg tgk...

Thursday, December 07, 2006

holiday fever!!!!

i just coming back from my cousin wedding..she's just like my sis to me coz i dont have sis..sumtimes i fell really sad coz she have her husband now..she cant do the crazy thing with us again..huhuhu..but forget bout it..i stayed at penang for 1 week juz for her..prepare everything for her..the wedding really meriah..this was the 1st time kenduri in our family so it must be happenning to us..very da penat..doing all the work together with other 18 people..very tired..she's now at sabah..went for her, i prepare for my holiday to kuching sarawak..really excited..1st coz this 1st time i went there..2nd this my family trip its been so long i dont have family trip even without my bro..3rd i can meet udin there..i miss him so that all for now..i'll update later after i come back from kuching...

p/s:1) gedebe out there...i really miss u sorry if i done wrong with u guys..
2) my dear,see u soon!!

Saturday, November 04, 2006


tomorrow morning i'll be back to melaka..juz to take my final exam for this semester..i'll miss my mum very n very important is my TV...i'll miss many tv programme such as impian illyana,bawang putih bawang merah(dont be shock i watching this programme..hahahha) n many more to listed out...i must concentrated wif my study now..its been two weeks i dont open my books..huhuhu..its gonna be tougher time for me after this..ok i'll tell bout my raya...i just came back from melaka bout 4 days before was very excited..i drove from melaka wif udin..not me drove the car but udin does it coz im sleepy that time..but i still cant sleep when he driving huhuhu..thanx dear..take my sis at segamat and her friend which was our grandma neighbour grandson..and then wait for my bro at klang..before that me,my sis and her friend watching movie at tgv at jj bukit raja..we have to wait him there so why dont we watching movie 1st..we watch ROB-B-HOOD..starring by jackie chan..very funny movie..but unfortunately when we watching that movie,all of viewer is they can eat popcorn,we sis really "membara" that my mum said,"tu lah sape suh g tgk wayang bln2 pose nie..padan muke korg"...then finished watching that movie,take my bro n going back to taiping..before that we break our fast at elmina which we ate the mcd we bought earlier there..perform our prayer..n then TAIPING HERE WE COME!!!huhuhu..reach taiping at 11.30 pm..jammed near tjg malim maybe..really tired..get some nice morning have my facial treatment..i swear im not gonna be there hurts maaa..then going my mum cook..later that evening we heading to parit buntar to opah house..break our fast there..have some chatting there..n then back to taiping again..on sunday,just get clean of my house..n then heading back to my opah house again..break our fast again there..wif all of my mother family..very happening..cos all 19 people there..very noise,very happy...huhu..when we gonna break our fast its really happening..coz everyone fighting with each other to get the lauk..huhuhu..after that have a chat wif the others..i sleep there wif my sis and mum go back to our house..near there also..the next day more happening..all of us cleaning my out opah house,cook rendang together,made ayam golek 1 family 1 chicken and many more..i'll miss that..then,we break the last fast with happiness and noisy..until my grandpa said,"hangpa nie xleh mkn diam2 ka..cuba lah diam sat waktu bukak posa nie.."huhuhu..quiet for a while..then back to the night raining,so all of us just in the house watching some tv programme n sleep..huhuhu..on the raya day, 1stly before perform prayer salam with my parents and get duit raya..huhu..perfom raya prayers..n then gathering back at opah house..salam with each other..n much more important duit raya..this year my duit raya is more because my bro n ayong have to give us duit raya..both of them already have job n they have to give us duit raya..hahahha..then, we take family picture..n then heading to our realtives house until evening..really tired coz i ate so many things..i think all the houses i visited, i will ate something..all that house i visit have something different to i must eat..huhu..i think i'll put up some weight now..huhu..later that night still raining and we ate pizza..huhu..we make a collection from all of us and we ate pizza..then have really nice morning, 2nd day of raya, my family heading to relau..which there we met my father family..all of my uncle there accept paksu which he stayed at he and his family dont come back for this raya..we stayed there until evening n heading back to taiping 3rd day of raya..heading to klang..sent my bro back..until nite reached home and sleep..4th day of raya..heading to penang..overnight there at mama's house..on saturday, went to tesco penang..mummy spent us chicken rice shop...n im very full there..went back to sunday..just rest at home..on monday, my sis going back to segamat with bus..and im all alone in that house..huhuhu...and all im doing this week is why im scared of my 1st paper on this is STATISTIC&PROBABILTY exam..even im studying this topic for 3 times i think..i still can manage to score it..phewh...its too long i think my updates..thats all folks..

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one happy family of md isa saleh and hatijah othman

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a luvly couple...

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banyak nyer hp...

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takbir raya beramai-ramai...

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kembar siam..

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amik gmbar sape tue??!!!

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me n my sis...

Sunday, October 15, 2006


setelah hampir 2 minggu berhempas pulas dengan segala assignment, presentation, test n bla bla...dh abis dh penyeksaan tue...huhuhu...dh bole study utk final plak..heheheh..yoyo or jer...NK BALIK UMAH!!!!CEPAT LAR ARI JUMAAT!!!!

Saturday, September 30, 2006

minggu bahasa melayu..hahahha..

arinie aku tulis dalam bahasa melayu..pnat arr nk reka ayat dlm english..nie aku ade kt cc..still lagi mencari bahan nk wat assignments...byk plak tue assignment nyer...aritue aku berenti takat ari sabtu..ari ahad nyer xde wat pe2..juz bg siap segala assgnment yg ade...tu pon x siap gak..hahaha..ari isnin cuti..coz melaka cuti biler 1 ramadhan..tdo lame skit..wat lagi assignment..g bazar ramadhan yg heaven, bukak pose, smbung lagi wat keje..tdo..zzzz
ari selasa, klas cam biase..start kul 9..aritue mmg ngantuk gler dlm klas..ntah ape mr cheng ngan prof tue merapu kt depan tue..aku pon xtau sgt..tau lar pose..hahahha...ptg xde klas..puan azrita batalkan kelas electric..pegi bazar ramadhan lagi..tue jer lar sumber mknan aku nk bkak pose..mlm tue, ade satu malapetaka berlaku..tgh aku men'transfer' lagu ke dalam laptop aku dr hp..tetibe hp aku cm xleh berfungsi..mmg xleh nk on..mmg cuak gler..dh lar hp nie bkn hp aku..hp adik aku..huhuhu..mmg cuak abs..bgtau kt udin pnjm lar hp dier nokia 3310..mmg 'canggih' gler arr hp tue..siap ade sesi tutorial ngan member aku lagi cmne nk gne hp tue..hahahaha..bler bgtau kt lynn..mmg teruk arr aku kne gelak ngan dier...siot arr hang ari rabu, aku g arr mc p perbaik hp tue..kne arr rm 50..skang dah ok lar hp tue...mlm tue mmg bz gler..2 assignment nk kne antar..1 assignment thermo n formal report lab thermodynamics..tgh aku bz2 wat keje tue tetibe lar ade msg masuk..lynn yg msg..nie msg dier:
call aku skrg. aku ade berita buruk pasal ko!!!
aku nie ngan byk keje call lar dier..tetibe dier kate "u kne prank by me..bace msg bg abs dulu then message me back...hahaha"..aku kate "bodo lar hang!!!"..amik hang..aku dh lar ngan byk keje..bole plak kne prank cmtue skali..mmg hangin arr...nie sambungan msg dier yg ade kt bwh skali:
R u shocked??forward to ur frens n see how many dont read the message carefully..:p..
that my fault also..dun read the msg still lagi hangin mase tue..xreply pon msg tue..dh tdo lynn antr msg mase tue aku bace mase bgn xreply..lynn i accept ur apologise n i miss u damn much!!!plz msg me if u read my blog!!!
ari khamis mlm ade test fluids mechanics..mmg horror arr test tue...dh lar susah gler..mmg aku xbape nk bole buat arr test aku ade arr tiru mmber sebelah aku skit..aku wat sendiri skit..huhuhu..kalo korg nk tau...skang nie tggl 14 org jer klas aku yg amik subject nie..yg lain sume nyer drop..mmg sejarah dalam kutkm arr..dr 60 org lebey yg belajar mase memule skang nie tggl 14 org jer termasuk aku...mmg horror arr subject tue..ditambah plak ngan mr cheng yg kedekut markah..huhu...xtau lar nnt cmne...ari jumaat klas cam biase..aku ade test material science..susah gak arr soklan tue..ptg aku ade klas electric kt durian tunggal..ade kuiz..senang gak arr..sebab tajuk get logic jer...blk kelas trus g bazar ramadhan..blk tue mmg penat gler..pas bukak pose, semayang trus tertido kt katil dila..siap tdo ngan telekung skali..hahaha..konon nyer nk tggu isyak..trus tdo smpai dekat2 kul 10..tue pon nasib bek sebab rase panas..kalo x alamatnyer pagi arr br bgn..huhuhu..wat keje skit pas tue..tdo..n bangun bgn bgn kul 10 lebey..nie ade kt cc..ptg satg nk bukak pose ngan udin n dila kt luar..xpilih lagi kt kedai mane..nnt lar pikir..skang nie pikir nk wat asgnment bg siap jer..huhuhu..that's all folks...
p/s::lynn, i miss u very much!!!

to lynn...

sorry lynn..i didnt mean to shout at u that really in tense coz have a lot of work to do and submit..u make me angry when u said that just a prank..that time i dont have time to laugh at, to smile at, to read any msg in my hp n bla really bz..i accept ur apologise...but plz dont do it again wif me..coz nowadays i have to many assignments n test..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

my besday!!!!!

i have my birthday on last's on 17 all of my frens make sure u remember this date k..hahahhahah...on that weekend, my mum came to melaka..she wanna give a new laptop to my sis..i said it fine to me..but in my heart no body knows...uwaaaa...i cant celebrate my birthday wif my boyfren...uwaaaa..i have to celebrate it with my mum..i know its ok to celebrate it wif my mum, but pity of him..before that day, one whole week i have the hectic week in this semester..i have too many test..n i cant meet him n msg him a lot..but then my mum call me she wanna come to melaka..i wanna cry...nite before my birthday, my mum blanja us ikan bakar at umbai..i ate until im very full..hahahaha..than later that nite..all of frens that remember my birthday msg and called me..thanx to all of you guys...mwahx!!my boyfren thanx for wished at me before 12 am..hahahha..i appreciate that...

later,after breakfast with my mum..when to jj buy some food n my sis buy her deodorant...after i finished my shopping, i found my mum in poh kong jewellery...what the heck she doing in there???rope2 nyer she wanna buy i went there about an hour looking for her the suitable gold..then go back to my hostel..take a nap...zzzz

later that nite, dila my roomate ask me to go to jj..i said what for??she said she wanna buy a cake for me..its fine to we when there and buy a cake n back home celebrate it..i took some picture but don have time to take it out from my phone...hhahaha..later k..after celebrate it..i have 1 bengkel,1 lab n 1 test for that monday...i have to studied it..n make me wanna go crazy...uwaaaa...on tuesday,i have 1 simple quiz but hard and 1 test same subject mith my quiz..its fluid mechanics..why arr mr cheng keep asking us simple question but not mean u gave us quiz but we not managed to answer it..he really annoying me...later that evening, ihave to answer his i said before..its easy but tricky..i cant answer 1 question coz i forgot its equation...uwaaaa again...on wednesday, ihave hari mercu kokurikulum..this day was like hari penutup kokurikulum lar...sort of not in class for the whole day..coz im selling sumthing to people...i took enterpreneurship as the result we have to sell our service to people..huhuhu..later that nite, have show from other club such as caklempong,gamelan, silat n etc...quite interesting..after that go home sleep...on thursday, hari mengundi for of my frens bertanding...and he wins..hahahaa...on friday,i have my class at durian tunggal..that was my last electric lab there...huhuhu..quite funny coz i manage to do my lab report really fast...hahahaha...that nite, mario treat me, dila n nisa at restaurant near king's hotel..before that shopping at jj for this all the stuff n sushi...huhhu...

yesterday, i went out with my boyfren...this was first time i went out with him after my mid term holiday..huhu..went to mp..watching movie..we watch miami vice...lynn dont be jealous..i saw that movie before u...hahhahaha...interesting movie..full of action n gadgets...really admire that colin farrel n bmw...n then in the movie all of handphone they used was nokia...really cool man!!!back to my story...after finished that movie, my boyfren have to shop for his hari raya...i accompany him n choose him a shirt..light green shirt at reject shop..really nice colour...huhu..then ate at burger king...suddenly, when im gonna ate my burger..he take out a box from his pockets..what a was a ring..nice white gold ring...he said i challenge him to find what my ring size n he win that challenge..that ring fit to my jari manis...hahaha...wanna cry there but i many people there...huhuhu...continue ate my burger..drove home but before that singgah at melaka sentral coz he wanna change his flight date..went home..later that nite,went to subaidah..wanna online but cant..maybe coz its raining watch liverpool game n chelsea game a while...then back home..doing my lab report..sleep..4.50 am wake up n sahur...thats all folks...huhuhu...

Sunday, August 27, 2006

im back!!!

sok pagi abs lar penyeksaan menggunakan 1 tgn aku...hahaa...nie ade upload gmbr accident aritue..

Saturday, August 19, 2006


my precious middle finger was broke last monday..i cant upload the picture to all of u coz my hp doesnt not have external the pic cant go out from my phone..hahaha..nnt lar i bwk masuk..huhuh..pnat dh menaip..nnt update lagi..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

new post bebeh..

its very a long time i dont update my blog..i think its been 2 weeks maybe..huhu..sorry gurls..ive been busy reschedule my own life..huhu

i think nothing much happened in my life..juz busy wif my sis and my dear n the most important my study..its really hard subject this semester..i must study all the killer subject subject such as thermodynamic, fluid mechanics n bla bla bla..sumtime wif all this subject can make me crazy a while..huhu..

last saturday, watch af final wif my sis while eat steamboat..huhu..really nice steamboat but at cameron more delicious than here..hehehe..before that, on the evening, my sis n i went to mp for pc fair..she bought pendrive n its skinz..then,i bought video only cost me rm 529..after this i can make my own video..huhu..on sunday, watching garfield 2 with my sis n my dear..really funny that garfield n really cute..hehehe..after finished that movie, eat burger king..n my sis shopping..she bought many things..she know i'll drive her back to segamat she buy anything she like..really tired when i follow her shopping..she will stop at all of outlet she like..she bought pillow with its pillowcase..n bla bla bla..late at that evening i drove her back to segamat.n really tired..later that nite, i have to finished my statistics tutorial..i dun do it i juz copy from my fren..huhu..later i'll study it back..

on monday, i have my 8 am until 5 juz like people who work in office..huhu..when i have class at 8 am..i feel very sleepy..coz i cant wake up early..hehehe..thanx to my housemate that woke me up..tuesday..noing happen..hehehe..

now..i have my flu back..n i also dont know why im always have flu lately..n ears keep bleeding..but its ok..i can manage it..i tell my mum already..she wanna buy me a new pair of i like it..hehehe..

lynn..gudluck for your exam..i hope u can answer it well..k..

farah..i dont talk to you bout a long time..i hope u'll be fine..if u have sumting to say..juz tell me k..

for syia..

i hope she will read sorry really sorry..i have my own explanation i cant go with you to see af final on 5 august..i hope u'll understand me..i know u mad at me coz of this..i sent u a msg u dont reply it..thats y i know u mad at me..i hope our frenship will remain the same after this..

Sunday, July 30, 2006

what i've been looking for...

it's hard to believe
that i couldn't see
you were always there beside me

thought i was alone
with no one to hold
but you were always there beside me

this feeling's like no other
i want you to know

i've never had someone that knows me like you do
the way you do
i've never had someone as good for me as you
no one like you
so lonely before i finally found
what i've been looking for

--original sountrack high school musical--

::i think i've nothing to looking for..maybe afterwards my job maybe..huhu..i think i've got everything..i already have my gud frens,my buddys,my click n sewaktu dengannya..they are G.E.D.E.B.E comittee..they know me much than others..especially lynn n farah..misz u feelings,my soul,whenever i need them they will beside me whether they are busy or not..thanx gurls!!!..i also got my dear that always entertain me with jokes, question n sumtimes i can't make it to meet my dear every weekend..he still not mad at me..sumtimes i also think "dier nie xreti nk marah org ker" or "dier nie xde perasaan ker" dear, i'll accept u as you are whether u dh reti nk marah kt org or u dh ade perasaan nk frens at kutkm..all of u always help me in my study..i also like to kacau all of you whether u are in good mood or not..hihi..thanx to all..i think i already found what i've been looking for all this life n i have a wonderful life now:::

Thursday, July 27, 2006

this week..

on last friday,went to see my lil sis..she's ok..n she pau my money that my fathar gave it to me for buying my text book..she take my money around rm100..really goldigger this gurl..hehe..

saturday,out with syia n her rumate,dila..her treat..she 'blanja' secret recipe n gsc..we watched 'stay alive'..good movie even its scary..huhu..lunch wif her still her night, watching af at hotel mitc-ancasa..i prefer to watched af there coz not many people there even its quite expensive..huhu..when all af4 student sing a song bila rindu, im really touched..this song i really remembered my life with my frenz at matrix..i cry alone kne cover line lar..kt public tue...hahaha..malu siot..

sunday..nothing to do..arinie adalah ari aku bersama kereta ku..hahaha..sori lar udin, i cant go out with you this weekend..

monday,class until 5pm..i've fluid lab..really tired coz im fasting that day..huhu

tuesday,nothing happened..

wednesday, kne g perjumpaan ko-kurikulum ptg..not at still fasting this today..huhu..then, in the evening have perjumpaan wif menteri pengajian tinggi..burink siot..night tdo awl gler..kul 11.30pm dh naik katil..zzz..

thursday,my class start on 9 am my rumate sent me a msg that ptptn dh masuk..ske gler..dh lar mmg tgh kering gler..huhu..rse cm bernafas arr skit..hehehe..

tomorrow,i will go back to taiping wif my lil sis..nk amik buku rujukan..huhu..

::this my wrote for this week::

bila rindu...

dikeheningan malam,
termenungku berseorang
tak lena mata dipejam
terdengar suara terngiang
suara merdu yg di sayang
bagai kau didepan mata
ku capai tapi tak kena
sukarnya memendam rasa
ingin ku luahkan kata

bila rindu,
terkenang mu sayang
terasa sayu
syahdunya jiwaku bila malam,
makin kelam jauh terbang diriku melayang
aku rindu,sentuhan mu ku rasa sayu
inginkan jiwamu selubungi,
jiwa ini,bawa ku dlm pelangi
melepasi segala hati ini

jauh angan ku lena,
ku rasa kita bersama,
kau bawaku ke sana
ke alam kisah yg lama,
kenangan di dlm jiwa..bila tersedar semula,
disisiku kau tiada sukarnya ku pendam rasa,
ingin ku luahkan semua ooooouuu

bila rindu,
terkenang mu sayang terasa sayu
syahdunya jiwaku bila malam,
makin kelam jauh terbang diriku melayang
aku rindu,sentuhan mu ku terasa sayu
inginkan jiwamu selubungi,jiwa ini,
bawa ku dlm pelangi
melepasi batas diri ini

sesunguhnya kita mestilah
wujudkan sefahaman dan hormat
menghormati,ikhlas,kasih,sabar , insya-allah
kita akan bertemu semula

aura yg memecah semesta
menyampaikan pesan kesunyian kanda sendiri
kesepian yg menyelubungi hari hari ku
disajikan doa2 ku kerana rindu
yg menanti kau dtg dan pergi seperti mimpi2 ku,fantasiku,
bukan dongeng lagi sayup kedengaran
disisi cuping,disetiap corong,lorong,yg lohongbenar!
ku tak bohong,bila hati menyanyi..

bila rindu,
terkenang mu sayang terasa sayu
syahdunya jiwaku bila malam,makin kelam ooohhohhoo
aku rindu,sentuhan mu ku rasa sayu
inginkan jiwa selubungi,jiwa ini,
bawa ku dlm pelangi
melepasi batas diri ini
oh bila rindu,terkenang mu sayang.,
ku terasa sayu
syahdunya jiwaku bila malam,makin kelam
jauh terbang diriku melayang
aku rindu,sentuhan mu ku rasa sayu(ku rindukan sentuhanmu)
inginkan jiwamu selubungi,
jiwa ini,bawa ku dlm pelangi
melepasi batas diri ini

this song was sing by last week concert from af4 student..really touching..i miss all of matter wut them really important to me..i promise to all if youe GEDEBE comittee..

Thursday, July 20, 2006

no water!!!!

semalam, pangsapuri aku xde air..jenuh gak arr g mencari arini dh ok dh air..leh mndi sepuas2 nya..hehhe..

sok ari jumaat nk g jumpe adik aku kt segamat..rindunye kt dier..lame xjumpe dier nih[padahal br jer 2 mggu xjumpe..hehehe]..ujung mggu nie syia ajak kuar tgk wayang..xtau lar dier nk blanja aku tgk wayang aper..huhu..kalo poc aku dh tgk last week..mggu nie xkuar ngan udin..sbb dh ingt nk g tgk adik tp dier suh g ari jumaat..

keje xde lar byk dh burink sbb xde mende nk wat..huhu..

::ptptn nie ble nk masuk??dh nk kering duit aku nih:::

Sunday, July 16, 2006

1st week...

today is sunday..cukup seminggu dok kt melaka nie..burink siot..sbb xde keje lagi..cbe kalo keje dh mai..xcukup tgn nk wat..hahaha..

wahai kawan2 ku syg,
aku akan update aku nyer blog 1 mggu sekali..sbb umah aku xder internet lar..

lynn n farah,
hope both of u will be on track again..if both of u need me..juz tell me..i'll always be there for kalo tetiber aku nk kene ade kt kl tetiber xleh arr..mati arr cmnie..huhu..

sorry kuar mggu nie, 2 2 sakit..2 2 demam..nk wat bez tgk pirates of carribean..huhu...

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

back from segamat..

last sunday,i went to segamat..sent my lil sis to uitm segamat..really tired coz the journey were bored n jauh nk mampus..we went there on saturday morning n reach melaka in the evening around 4pm..nothing to do that evening went to mp coz ayong wanna find a new shoes coz her shoes koyak..wah!!really amazed for mp..thats my lepak spot wif my dear..nothing change there..huhu..after finished there,went back to hotel n watch af in the big screen..salima out!!..yes!!really glad she was out..thanx to the voters..after finished af,sambung tgk wc until 1st half..england kalah..sleep..zzzz

next day,went to segamat..finished there around 2.30pm..forgot to tell..for the next sem i will bring my kelisa for me n my lil sis to use we bring along that car n letak that car at ayong's father in law house at when i enroll for the next sem i dun have to bring that car along juz take it at that house..huhu..singgah that house,makan mee bandung muar[sedap gler!!]..then,continue our journey to back home..traffic jem before senawang seremban..really bored again in car.. sent my bro back to bukit raja..n finally reached at home around 2.40am..sleep until mother cuti lagi..both of us have lunch after wactching diari af at a restaurant coz she not in mood for cooking..really tired..

::i miss already my lil sis::
::miss my dear very much::

Monday, June 26, 2006

sunday morning!!!

today,i've got to wake up early..early pon bkn nyer awal sangat..bout 9 am kut..hehehe..get dress n when to my mum's fren knduri..we reached there bout 11 sumting..i drive..we finished there bout tired but my mum promised already to go for resdung treatment..aargh!!! nitemare..FYI i also got resdung..i dont believe it..uwaaa!!..for this treatment it really hurts my eyes..really2 hurt..i dont know how hurt it i feel much better after the treatment..thanx to that makcik..i dont know what her name is..hehehhe..

then,my mum wanna have a haircut..i have to follow her again..n i have to have a haircut,i already cut my curly hair..its still curly but it just a bit short..heheh..still have the curly..reached home bout 5 pm..really tired.. high school musical at disney channel..quite good teenage movie produced by disney..zack efron look like adam af2..really cute..hehhe..then,watch gol&gincu the,that series talk bout trust n secret..mayb i can take some of the advise in that series today..the advise is:
1. we have to trust each other in every relationship such as frenz n ur luv ones.
2. always ask if u have sumting not clear in our mind.don't keep it..
3. u don have to tell every secret that u keep to your love.if it not really important to ur partner.

i think that the advise i can quote it out for you guys!!

::my dear tgh demam skang nie..cepat lar baik!!::

Sunday, June 25, 2006

family gathering!!!

last 2 days, i have family gathering..only family from my mum side..only 19 people [i think i told bout it already..hehehe..]..we've got very precious moment..n eat until u burst..hahaha..the food really delicious n we enjoyed it..only rm25 per promote lar plak..hehehe..

when we get there so many people..i forgot to mention here..last saturday,at bukit merah have majlis belia negara have sumting there..i dont know what it is..i think meeting kut..what eva!!!my aunty suggest that we gonna have 'cabutan bertuah'..every family got to bring prizes..anything hamper ker ape ker..up to the family bring the 'hamper'..same wif all the family juz bought it at the store taiping we've got 8 family will organize this, before we can eat my mum divide the number that my sis done before..i've got number 3 n my sis got number 2..hehehe..after makan time yg cam nk pecah perut tue br lar cabut undi..tokwan did 1st n ikut ranking..hehehe..quit funny here..when acu cabut, he got his number back..we never believe we check it the number that he got before..n he right..he got his number back..hehehe..really funny n amazed..

after finished cabutan bertuah,got some speech from every head of family..tokwan kinda of sebak when he in his speech..he gives us good advice..we also sebak there..uwaa..if he can read this..I LOVE U very much tokwan..after that,we have photo photo,photo wif cousin n bla many photo..after i've got the cd from abg ejan i'll upload it..huhu..then,we walk around there wif so many people n my sis played some games really happy..

::bought sumting for my dear n happy::

Saturday, June 24, 2006

heading tue bukit merah again!!!!??

today, me n my family heading to bukit merah..this my 2nd time there for this holiday..we've got family gathering there..all of my family will be there this evening..only 19 byk jer..huhuhu..quite excited..[wink..wink]

now,at my place raining..quite a heavy rain..its raining from subuh until now..seb bek leh gne pc n tgk tv..hahaha..

i've another TWO weeks for my gonna be in 3rd semester..I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!..i've just finished 1 year from 4 year my study..time pass very fast..huh..wut im talking bout now???..i juz wanna say "I WANNA BE AT HOME ALL THE TIME!!!!!"..hehe..

::signing off for bukit merah:::

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

at last..finally!!!

finally,after bout more than one month i've got my result..quit good..more improvement than is because encourage from all of my fren especially dila n nissa..not to forget my dear..last but not least all of my bez fren..i think u know who u are..i dun have to mention it..all of this people keep telling me to work hard n smart..ur encourage i really appreciate it..u can see by my achievement..huhu..

thats all for today..

::signing off for world cup::

Thursday, June 15, 2006


noting to say...
want ice cream...
misz my dear very much..

::lynn, aku xkire nnt blanje aku mkn aiskrim..u owe me 2 ice cream::

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

sedang ingin bercinta

setiap ada kamu..
mengapa jantung ku ini..
berdetak lebih kencang..
seperti genderang mau perang..

setiap ada kamu..
mengapa darahku mengalir lebih cepat..
dari ujung kaki ke ujung kepala..

setiap ada kamu..
otak ku berpikir..
bagaimana caranya untuk berdua bersama kamu..



Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2 days after bukit merah reunion...

we meet again guys..after 2 days at bukit body aching everywhere..2 days i cant get up my left hand..i think it bcoz we played the boomerang thing..very exiciting water games there..huhu..

at bukit merah,we really enjoyed our time together..we played everything games there..really exciting..check out my frenster photo..i already upload photo from my phone..other photo still at lynn..she dont upload it yet..i'll be waiting lynn!!..

i hope we can reunion again some other time..really misz you guy..after this i hope aliah n ili can come and join us..really hope two of u will be there..misz both of you really much..

i dont spend much time wif my boy..he works every night at his auntie restaurant..i misz him so much..i cant speak to him long..cant msg him all over night..i really miss him..i hope he will miss me too as much as i miss him..hope can meet him now..hahaha..really far away from my eyes..i dun noe what he's he fine or not..he always kept me thinking bout him..he will never tell me if he ok or not..he will make me happy whether he ok or not..i dun want that..i wanna know bout him more..i dont want him kept any secret from me..please help me..i really luv him..i luv him very much.. i dont know what am i doing if he dont be beside me all the time..i hope this relationship is worth and long..

thats all for now..hope this will make my feeling ok now..nite everybody..

check out this photo..

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

my new hair..hahaha..

today, i've make a new improvement to myself..changing my hair style..huhu..this afternoon, i went to hair salon n my mum ask me are u sure u want do curly hair??i said im really sure..juz wanna see how i look like if i make curly i already do it..dunno how my frenz will response..hahaha..

after finished doing my hair,we went to ipoh..juz have some shopping..we went to jusco..its really crazy sale there..there i buy new white shirt with white thread sis got 1..n i buy that white shirt juz really like my sis 1..hahaha.she really mad at me when she know sorry sis..i dun really know how your white shirt design..then, i went to shoe section..ive found 1 shoe..i dun think that can be call looks like boots..not that boots look likes timberland juz flat boots with look really mum also said it look nice at only rm99.00..but my mum said if i buy it, are u sure u wanna wear it..i dun wanna buy it if u juz wear it once or i made my mind..dun buy it now..i'll buy it later..maybe i'll buy other boots looks like it..

finished doing shopping,go back to taiping..ate mee udang at changkat jering..home hair not really curly after i washed it..i dun know why..but it still have it curly juz not much juz this afternoon..

udin family here at peninsular..ive msg him this evening..but he said at his place not really have much receiver..he now at sabak bernam at his uncle house..they wanna go to terengganu n kelantan..i hope they will be happy with their holiday here..

thanx doing my blog like dis..i like it..thanx again..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


da suprise for all of u already declare wif dat boy bout a month ago..i think arr..actually, i wanna all let know this suprise when we meet at bukit merah..hahahaha..

p/s:lynn,pueh dh ati ko aku wat annoucement cmnie???hahaha...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

damn week...

this week about more another bored week..for bout 3 days i have to work wif my dad..u know wut im work for..ive to 'pasang' a clear box attach to DUNHILL box at sum mini market all over makes me tired coz we have to find to shop..around da town or in kampung2[kt kampung2 nie yang susah tau]..but i do my work wif my cousin abg ejan or the machaman[huhu]...this work absolutely for my bro but he have to go back to kl..ive to replace him..very very a tired work...

sorry i dun wish in u read juz wait for ur present[if i have sum money arr..huhu]..i'll give to u when we meet at bukit merah..k..i misz u and all our frenz so much..[wink..wink..]

ive juz come back from penang..there, i went to gurney plaza..ive found this store..u dun really noe much bout it sell cloth that imported such as mickey,playboy,missy adidas etc..wut caught my eyes is one looks like blazer but not..very juz about rm59.00 n rm79.00..n then wen im wanna out from that stores my bro found another jacket juz like ahmad dhani[im a fan of him n dewa19] jacket in mv 'laskar cinta'..its very only cost rm30 sumting after less...i think it cheap coz sale at that store mayb..then im wif my lil sis wen to f.o.s store it also very crazy if im in this stores..if i hv more money[juz imagine it..mayb i wanna buy all things in that store..wink..wink] i only have 13 bucks in my i dun buy anyting..juz 'cuci mata' only..hahaha..

p/s: really sad coz i dun buy dat jacket...

Friday, May 05, 2006

my 1st post...hahaha 1st post for my blog..quite funny..thanx to lynn teach me how to do it this things...thanx again...