Saturday, September 30, 2006

minggu bahasa melayu..hahahha..

arinie aku tulis dalam bahasa melayu..pnat arr nk reka ayat dlm english..nie aku ade kt cc..still lagi mencari bahan nk wat assignments...byk plak tue assignment nyer...aritue aku berenti takat ari sabtu..ari ahad nyer xde wat pe2..juz bg siap segala assgnment yg ade...tu pon x siap gak..hahaha..ari isnin cuti..coz melaka cuti biler 1 ramadhan..tdo lame skit..wat lagi assignment..g bazar ramadhan yg heaven, bukak pose, smbung lagi wat keje..tdo..zzzz
ari selasa, klas cam biase..start kul 9..aritue mmg ngantuk gler dlm klas..ntah ape mr cheng ngan prof tue merapu kt depan tue..aku pon xtau sgt..tau lar pose..hahahha...ptg xde klas..puan azrita batalkan kelas electric..pegi bazar ramadhan lagi..tue jer lar sumber mknan aku nk bkak pose..mlm tue, ade satu malapetaka berlaku..tgh aku men'transfer' lagu ke dalam laptop aku dr hp..tetibe hp aku cm xleh berfungsi..mmg xleh nk on..mmg cuak gler..dh lar hp nie bkn hp aku..hp adik aku..huhuhu..mmg cuak abs..bgtau kt udin pnjm lar hp dier nokia 3310..mmg 'canggih' gler arr hp tue..siap ade sesi tutorial ngan member aku lagi cmne nk gne hp tue..hahahaha..bler bgtau kt lynn..mmg teruk arr aku kne gelak ngan dier...siot arr hang ari rabu, aku g arr mc p perbaik hp tue..kne arr rm 50..skang dah ok lar hp tue...mlm tue mmg bz gler..2 assignment nk kne antar..1 assignment thermo n formal report lab thermodynamics..tgh aku bz2 wat keje tue tetibe lar ade msg masuk..lynn yg msg..nie msg dier:
call aku skrg. aku ade berita buruk pasal ko!!!
aku nie ngan byk keje call lar dier..tetibe dier kate "u kne prank by me..bace msg bg abs dulu then message me back...hahaha"..aku kate "bodo lar hang!!!"..amik hang..aku dh lar ngan byk keje..bole plak kne prank cmtue skali..mmg hangin arr...nie sambungan msg dier yg ade kt bwh skali:
R u shocked??forward to ur frens n see how many dont read the message carefully..:p..
that my fault also..dun read the msg still lagi hangin mase tue..xreply pon msg tue..dh tdo lynn antr msg mase tue aku bace mase bgn xreply..lynn i accept ur apologise n i miss u damn much!!!plz msg me if u read my blog!!!
ari khamis mlm ade test fluids mechanics..mmg horror arr test tue...dh lar susah gler..mmg aku xbape nk bole buat arr test aku ade arr tiru mmber sebelah aku skit..aku wat sendiri skit..huhuhu..kalo korg nk tau...skang nie tggl 14 org jer klas aku yg amik subject nie..yg lain sume nyer drop..mmg sejarah dalam kutkm arr..dr 60 org lebey yg belajar mase memule skang nie tggl 14 org jer termasuk aku...mmg horror arr subject tue..ditambah plak ngan mr cheng yg kedekut markah..huhu...xtau lar nnt cmne...ari jumaat klas cam biase..aku ade test material science..susah gak arr soklan tue..ptg aku ade klas electric kt durian tunggal..ade kuiz..senang gak arr..sebab tajuk get logic jer...blk kelas trus g bazar ramadhan..blk tue mmg penat gler..pas bukak pose, semayang trus tertido kt katil dila..siap tdo ngan telekung skali..hahaha..konon nyer nk tggu isyak..trus tdo smpai dekat2 kul 10..tue pon nasib bek sebab rase panas..kalo x alamatnyer pagi arr br bgn..huhuhu..wat keje skit pas tue..tdo..n bangun bgn bgn kul 10 lebey..nie ade kt cc..ptg satg nk bukak pose ngan udin n dila kt luar..xpilih lagi kt kedai mane..nnt lar pikir..skang nie pikir nk wat asgnment bg siap jer..huhuhu..that's all folks...
p/s::lynn, i miss u very much!!!

to lynn...

sorry lynn..i didnt mean to shout at u that really in tense coz have a lot of work to do and submit..u make me angry when u said that just a prank..that time i dont have time to laugh at, to smile at, to read any msg in my hp n bla really bz..i accept ur apologise...but plz dont do it again wif me..coz nowadays i have to many assignments n test..

Sunday, September 24, 2006

my besday!!!!!

i have my birthday on last's on 17 all of my frens make sure u remember this date k..hahahhahah...on that weekend, my mum came to melaka..she wanna give a new laptop to my sis..i said it fine to me..but in my heart no body knows...uwaaaa...i cant celebrate my birthday wif my boyfren...uwaaaa..i have to celebrate it with my mum..i know its ok to celebrate it wif my mum, but pity of him..before that day, one whole week i have the hectic week in this semester..i have too many test..n i cant meet him n msg him a lot..but then my mum call me she wanna come to melaka..i wanna cry...nite before my birthday, my mum blanja us ikan bakar at umbai..i ate until im very full..hahahaha..than later that nite..all of frens that remember my birthday msg and called me..thanx to all of you guys...mwahx!!my boyfren thanx for wished at me before 12 am..hahahha..i appreciate that...

later,after breakfast with my mum..when to jj buy some food n my sis buy her deodorant...after i finished my shopping, i found my mum in poh kong jewellery...what the heck she doing in there???rope2 nyer she wanna buy i went there about an hour looking for her the suitable gold..then go back to my hostel..take a nap...zzzz

later that nite, dila my roomate ask me to go to jj..i said what for??she said she wanna buy a cake for me..its fine to we when there and buy a cake n back home celebrate it..i took some picture but don have time to take it out from my phone...hhahaha..later k..after celebrate it..i have 1 bengkel,1 lab n 1 test for that monday...i have to studied it..n make me wanna go crazy...uwaaaa...on tuesday,i have 1 simple quiz but hard and 1 test same subject mith my quiz..its fluid mechanics..why arr mr cheng keep asking us simple question but not mean u gave us quiz but we not managed to answer it..he really annoying me...later that evening, ihave to answer his i said before..its easy but tricky..i cant answer 1 question coz i forgot its equation...uwaaaa again...on wednesday, ihave hari mercu kokurikulum..this day was like hari penutup kokurikulum lar...sort of not in class for the whole day..coz im selling sumthing to people...i took enterpreneurship as the result we have to sell our service to people..huhuhu..later that nite, have show from other club such as caklempong,gamelan, silat n etc...quite interesting..after that go home sleep...on thursday, hari mengundi for of my frens bertanding...and he wins..hahahaa...on friday,i have my class at durian tunggal..that was my last electric lab there...huhuhu..quite funny coz i manage to do my lab report really fast...hahahaha...that nite, mario treat me, dila n nisa at restaurant near king's hotel..before that shopping at jj for this all the stuff n sushi...huhhu...

yesterday, i went out with my boyfren...this was first time i went out with him after my mid term holiday..huhu..went to mp..watching movie..we watch miami vice...lynn dont be jealous..i saw that movie before u...hahhahaha...interesting movie..full of action n gadgets...really admire that colin farrel n bmw...n then in the movie all of handphone they used was nokia...really cool man!!!back to my story...after finished that movie, my boyfren have to shop for his hari raya...i accompany him n choose him a shirt..light green shirt at reject shop..really nice colour...huhu..then ate at burger king...suddenly, when im gonna ate my burger..he take out a box from his pockets..what a was a ring..nice white gold ring...he said i challenge him to find what my ring size n he win that challenge..that ring fit to my jari manis...hahaha...wanna cry there but i many people there...huhuhu...continue ate my burger..drove home but before that singgah at melaka sentral coz he wanna change his flight date..went home..later that nite,went to subaidah..wanna online but cant..maybe coz its raining watch liverpool game n chelsea game a while...then back home..doing my lab report..sleep..4.50 am wake up n sahur...thats all folks...huhuhu...