Thursday, March 15, 2007


last weekend, aku telah menjadi seorang ajk untuk seminar kenegaraan btn utk dak2 thn 1..aku kena jage keselamatan diorg..jgn bagi diorg lari blk sbb seminar tue smpai ptg..huhh..diorg nie agak degil arr..mmg xmkn saman lar...nie citer yang ari sabtu..

ari ahad pula,aku n da gang with dila pegi melawat muzium yang ade kt melaka nie..kitorg pegi kt bandar hilir tue..cume e2 tempat jer kitorg xpegi sbb dh lapar sgt..tempat yang xpegi stadhuys(betul ker aku eja ek..) n kota a famosa...huhuh...pegi muzium nk wat research..alih- bergambar jer byk..hahhahha...

Friday, March 02, 2007

my life now...

now, i have my hectic schedule in my life...this is my schedule for now:
i) project for mpp..i think i have another 2 mpp project that i attached to them..
ii) assignment
iii) as an editor for my class project
iv) 2 lab formal report that i have to submit next week
v) on this monday, i have titas II mid term test
vi) next 2 weeks i have solid mechanics and mechanics of machine test
vii) and the list will not stop here until i have my final exam...huhuhu...

that was my schedule.. i dont have time for my self n my boyfriend..pity at him..but i dont have any choice.. im doing all this just because i want to stay in asrama for next semester before i went to industry practice..

to all of my friend, i will not forget all of u..i will always remember all of u until the end of my life..miss all of u always..

to my boyfriend, i didnt mad at u..i just been bz in my life..i cant control myself when im really tired..i hope u can be ok with this..