Friday, March 02, 2007

my life now...

now, i have my hectic schedule in my life...this is my schedule for now:
i) project for mpp..i think i have another 2 mpp project that i attached to them..
ii) assignment
iii) as an editor for my class project
iv) 2 lab formal report that i have to submit next week
v) on this monday, i have titas II mid term test
vi) next 2 weeks i have solid mechanics and mechanics of machine test
vii) and the list will not stop here until i have my final exam...huhuhu...

that was my schedule.. i dont have time for my self n my boyfriend..pity at him..but i dont have any choice.. im doing all this just because i want to stay in asrama for next semester before i went to industry practice..

to all of my friend, i will not forget all of u..i will always remember all of u until the end of my life..miss all of u always..

to my boyfriend, i didnt mad at u..i just been bz in my life..i cant control myself when im really tired..i hope u can be ok with this..

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