Monday, May 26, 2008


hi my im as a temporary teacher..and now it is school in holiday for two weeks..huhuhuhu..but now,at this time,im in kursus pernggunaan internet and xbrape best jer..dikelilingi ngan guru2 yg agak berusia..n byk mulut bro engagement day just around a corner..abah telah memberi cadangan bahawa abg perlu nikah secepat mungkin..because nk guna sijil nikah utk kak jaja tukar ke semenanjung..their parents telah diberitahu bahawa they perlu nikah dlm bulan 8 nie..n the kenduri for my bro will be held on october..on 4th of raya puasa..only this date we are free..i know all my frens cant come for that wedding..its ok for me..i dont really mind it..huhuhu..
nowadays,a lil bit bz with the engagement day..kena bwk keta g service lar,bli bunga lar,facial n bla bla bla..agak bengang gak..coz ingt nk xbole..huhuhu..nk wat cmne..abg ada sorg jer..huhuhu..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

i've been tagged by lynn zawawi

Currently - as a temporary teacher
Playing - andra n the backbone - sempurna
Pending - nk bli kasut g ngajar
What's new? - new sandal n t shirt for redang
Real name - Kauthar Ahmad Tajudin
Nickname - catt, cikgu kauthar, kakak
Married - not yet.
Male/Female - Female
High school - Bainun Ipoh
College - Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka
Are you a health freak? - nope.
Do you have a crush on someone? - not for now
Do you like yourself? - of course i do!

Surgery - nope
Person you see in the morning - my mummy yg tgh tggu i bersiap nk g umah opah
Award - emm..i got 2nd in class in std 2
Sports you join in - not joining anything
Vacation - ntah..
Concert - nope

Your future:
Want kids - absolutely yes..
Want to get married - yess..after i can buy a honda..
Careers in mind - an engineer

Which is better?
Lips or Eyes? - eyes
Hugs or Kisses? - hugs
Shorter or Taller? - taller
Romantic or Spontaneous? - spontaneous
Sensitive or Loud? - loud
Troublemaker or Hesitant? - both..

Have you ever,
Kissed a stranger? - hell no..
Drank bubbles - xingt dh..rase cm mase kecik2..
Ran away from home - dont ever think bout it..
Liked someone younger - yes, tp just muda bulan jer..
Broke someone's heart - yup..
Been arrested - hell no..nk kena kejar ngan mummy 1 parit buntar nie ke..
Cried when someone died - yes..

Do you believe in,
Yourself - yes.
Miracles - yes.
Magic - kurang percaye..
Angels - yes.

Is there someone you want to be with right now? - yup..

i want to tag :

dalila nizam
aizuddin arbi
farah sherrina

Tuesday, May 06, 2008


a long time no see my friends..huhuhuhu..after finished my industrial training, i have to submit the technical report and have poster, i went back to melaka on 26 april till 30 april..i submit the technical report on 28 april n poster presentation on 29 april..really happy meet my course mate that not seen each other bout 5 months..huhuhuhu..some pic for u guys..

me n imah before presentation..
me n naim..just friend k..
from left: rashid n razak..bosan dok tggu panel interview..
my poster..xcantik pon..
suasana tempat poster presentation..crowded sungguh..
from left: ili, kak meen n kak shat
amer malu2 kt belakang..
minum pagi beramai2 lepas perasmian..
nie mase perasmian..bosan sebab kena berdiri..
nie lunch plak..mkn free..
org xdak keje tgh tggu nk cabut poster..
me n dila kt menghabiskan duit mkn ikan bakar yg agak sedap..
on 1 may, im moving to parit buntar..but not fully moving..coz still have my stuff there..huhuhu..this 10 may will be again we moving..i think this time maybe all our stuff will be move..hope so..
nilah lori yg angkt barang..xcukup maa 1 lori jer..
2 org kuat yg tolong angkat barang..
brg smpai dekat umah wan..
currently, im being a TEACHER at sk seri mencuba nasib as guru..huhuhuhu..masyuk oo tetiap bulan..dpt lar around 1000..sapa nk bg kalo dok umah ja..lalalalala..tgh siap2 brg2 hantaran abg..xsabar dh nk pegi nih..huhuhuhu..