Sunday, August 27, 2006

im back!!!

sok pagi abs lar penyeksaan menggunakan 1 tgn aku...hahaa...nie ade upload gmbr accident aritue..

Saturday, August 19, 2006


my precious middle finger was broke last monday..i cant upload the picture to all of u coz my hp doesnt not have external the pic cant go out from my phone..hahaha..nnt lar i bwk masuk..huhuh..pnat dh menaip..nnt update lagi..

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

new post bebeh..

its very a long time i dont update my blog..i think its been 2 weeks maybe..huhu..sorry gurls..ive been busy reschedule my own life..huhu

i think nothing much happened in my life..juz busy wif my sis and my dear n the most important my study..its really hard subject this semester..i must study all the killer subject subject such as thermodynamic, fluid mechanics n bla bla bla..sumtime wif all this subject can make me crazy a while..huhu..

last saturday, watch af final wif my sis while eat steamboat..huhu..really nice steamboat but at cameron more delicious than here..hehehe..before that, on the evening, my sis n i went to mp for pc fair..she bought pendrive n its skinz..then,i bought video only cost me rm 529..after this i can make my own video..huhu..on sunday, watching garfield 2 with my sis n my dear..really funny that garfield n really cute..hehehe..after finished that movie, eat burger king..n my sis shopping..she bought many things..she know i'll drive her back to segamat she buy anything she like..really tired when i follow her shopping..she will stop at all of outlet she like..she bought pillow with its pillowcase..n bla bla bla..late at that evening i drove her back to segamat.n really tired..later that nite, i have to finished my statistics tutorial..i dun do it i juz copy from my fren..huhu..later i'll study it back..

on monday, i have my 8 am until 5 juz like people who work in office..huhu..when i have class at 8 am..i feel very sleepy..coz i cant wake up early..hehehe..thanx to my housemate that woke me up..tuesday..noing happen..hehehe..

now..i have my flu back..n i also dont know why im always have flu lately..n ears keep bleeding..but its ok..i can manage it..i tell my mum already..she wanna buy me a new pair of i like it..hehehe..

lynn..gudluck for your exam..i hope u can answer it well..k..

farah..i dont talk to you bout a long time..i hope u'll be fine..if u have sumting to say..juz tell me k..

for syia..

i hope she will read sorry really sorry..i have my own explanation i cant go with you to see af final on 5 august..i hope u'll understand me..i know u mad at me coz of this..i sent u a msg u dont reply it..thats y i know u mad at me..i hope our frenship will remain the same after this..