Tuesday, July 22, 2008

no update..

hi guys..i will not updating my blog due to hectic work n project n also i have a bit down here..i will update after im already fine..

Monday, July 14, 2008

after a week..

hi guys..after the hectic week, i already had the final year project..huhuhu..actually, project tue senang gile bla dh jumpa dgn lecturer yg jd supervisor tue..wat benda utk kegunaan utem n student..happy gile..

skang nie duduk umah sewa..sewa 350 n duduk 4 org jer..mmg sgt selesa lar..even kena bayar lebih skit..skang kire sume kelengkapan dh ade..dapur ade..gas pon dh bli td..tggl nk bli meja study je..dkt mydin tue dh abs plak pegi tgk ari sabtu lepas..so nnt lah p tgk plak..nnt umah nie akan ada streamyx..aku sorg jer yg nk gune so ats name aku jer..aku amik yg pakej 60 tue jer..so pasnie bole lar slalu update blog..huhuhuhuhu..klah..nnt tulis lagi..

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

welcome back..

welcome back to guys yg mane masuk kembali ke pusat pengajian memasing..huhuhuhu..aku so far so good..br 2 ari klas..tajuk psm br pt arinie..agak ssh tapi think positive..mesti bole buat punya..

sem nie terdapat satu subjek br..batch aku jd perintis utk subject nie..lab pon xsetup lagi..so experiment akan di buat di UM..mari berjalan2..hope this sem bole score lebih lagi..doakan aku ek..

Wednesday, July 02, 2008


last week i have the best ever 4 days in my entire year..i dont get any fun like i have in 4 days that i been thru..i went to genting with my beluved gurlfrens that i love so much..some pics here..all the story already been write on lynn blog..so, i dont have to write it again here..huhuhu..

mkn satay dulu..


dlm skyway..

star walk genting..
im at london..huhuhuhu..
naik merry go round..
atas batu yg sejuk..
naik ferris wheel yg ntah bape kali pusing..
gondola time..gondola nie lembap..
bergambar dgn meletakkan camera atas kaunter kedai wafer..
after getaway at genting, on friday we watch movie..we watched SEPI and we enjoyed every moment in the film..it has 3 different story in one film and worth for you to see it..as im said it is malay film..then, have some shop here..yan buy sweater at romp..lynn knit sweater at zara..me n farah not buy anything..we just bought identical slippers..it only left green n pink..so, im get the pink one..and i already wear it..really comfortable..then, we have to end our getaway..really sad..a big thanz to farah n family which is accept us as a guest at their house..

then, have some shopping with my mum n lil sis..here i can spent my quality time with my mum even im tired to follow her around jalan tar..honest to say, this the only time i can spent my time with her without the annoying call from her office..before this, every 2 or 3 hours will be a call from the office..i know she is busy, sometime i hate when she busy and i feel like i lost my mum that can take me to shop n doing my haircut etc..after this, i will miss my mum so much..huhuhu..we already bought 4 pieces of kain for each of us..for 1st day of raya,akad nikah ceremony,knduri at temerloh n kenduri at my place..and one piece already at our tailor..cant wait to see that..huhuhu..

yesterday, went to taiping to take my car..at last, my car accident free..u cant tell where the damage at..yipeee..then, have some haircut n rebonding there..at our favourite salon..

now, im alone write the blog..and im feeling not really good..i feel like something bad will happen..but i dont know what..and also i fell nervous, scared n a bit low now..i dont know why..i think i dont have this feeling long time before..