Tuesday, May 30, 2006

my new hair..hahaha..

today, i've make a new improvement to myself..changing my hair style..huhu..this afternoon, i went to hair salon n my mum ask me are u sure u want do curly hair??i said im really sure..juz wanna see how i look like if i make curly hair..now i already do it..dunno how my frenz will response..hahaha..

after finished doing my hair,we went to ipoh..juz have some shopping..we went to jusco..its really crazy sale there..there i buy new white shirt with white thread design..my sis got 1..n i buy that white shirt juz really like my sis 1..hahaha.she really mad at me when she know that..im sorry sis..i dun really know how your white shirt design..then, i went to shoe section..ive found 1 shoe..i dun think that can be call shoe..it looks like boots..not that boots look likes timberland boots..it juz flat boots with zip..it look really nice..my mum also said it look nice at me..huhu..it only rm99.00..but my mum said if i buy it, are u sure u wanna wear it..i dun wanna buy it if u juz wear it once or two..so i made my mind..dun buy it now..i'll buy it later..maybe i'll buy other boots looks like it..

finished doing shopping,go back to taiping..ate mee udang at changkat jering..home now..my hair not really curly after i washed it..i dun know why..but it still have it curly juz not much juz this afternoon..

udin family here at peninsular..ive msg him this evening..but he said at his place not really have much receiver..he now at sabak bernam at his uncle house..they wanna go to terengganu n kelantan..i hope they will be happy with their holiday here..

thanx doing my blog like dis..i like it..thanx again..

Tuesday, May 23, 2006


da suprise for all of u are...im already declare wif dat boy bout a month ago..i think arr..actually, i wanna all let know this suprise when we meet at bukit merah..hahahaha..

p/s:lynn,pueh dh ati ko aku wat annoucement cmnie???hahaha...

Sunday, May 21, 2006

damn week...

this week about more another bored week..for bout 3 days i have to work wif my dad..u know wut im work for..ive to 'pasang' a clear box attach to DUNHILL box at sum mini market all over perak..it makes me tired coz we have to find to shop..around da town or in kampung2[kt kampung2 nie yang susah tau]..but i do my work wif my cousin abg ejan or the machaman[huhu]...this work absolutely for my bro but he have to go back to kl..ive to replace him..very very a tired work...

sorry i dun wish in time..as u read above..so juz wait for ur present[if i have sum money arr..huhu]..i'll give to u when we meet at bukit merah..k..i misz u and all our frenz so much..[wink..wink..]

ive juz come back from penang..there, i went to gurney plaza..ive found this store..u dun really noe much bout it names...it sell cloth that imported such as mickey,playboy,missy adidas etc..wut caught my eyes is one jacket..it looks like blazer but not..very cheap..it juz about rm59.00 n rm79.00..n then wen im wanna out from that stores my bro found another jacket juz like ahmad dhani[im a fan of him n dewa19] jacket in mv 'laskar cinta'..its very cheap..it only cost rm30 sumting after less...i think it cheap coz sale at that store mayb..then im wif my lil sis wen to f.o.s store it also sale...im very crazy if im in this stores..if i hv more money[juz imagine it..mayb i wanna buy all things in that store..wink..wink]..today i only have 13 bucks in my wallet..so i dun buy anyting..juz 'cuci mata' only..hahaha..

p/s: really sad coz i dun buy dat jacket...

Friday, May 05, 2006

my 1st post...hahaha

hahaha..my 1st post for my blog..quite funny..thanx to lynn teach me how to do it this things...thanx again...