Thursday, July 27, 2006

this week..

on last friday,went to see my lil sis..she's ok..n she pau my money that my fathar gave it to me for buying my text book..she take my money around rm100..really goldigger this gurl..hehe..

saturday,out with syia n her rumate,dila..her treat..she 'blanja' secret recipe n gsc..we watched 'stay alive'..good movie even its scary..huhu..lunch wif her still her night, watching af at hotel mitc-ancasa..i prefer to watched af there coz not many people there even its quite expensive..huhu..when all af4 student sing a song bila rindu, im really touched..this song i really remembered my life with my frenz at matrix..i cry alone kne cover line lar..kt public tue...hahaha..malu siot..

sunday..nothing to do..arinie adalah ari aku bersama kereta ku..hahaha..sori lar udin, i cant go out with you this weekend..

monday,class until 5pm..i've fluid lab..really tired coz im fasting that day..huhu

tuesday,nothing happened..

wednesday, kne g perjumpaan ko-kurikulum ptg..not at still fasting this today..huhu..then, in the evening have perjumpaan wif menteri pengajian tinggi..burink siot..night tdo awl gler..kul 11.30pm dh naik katil..zzz..

thursday,my class start on 9 am my rumate sent me a msg that ptptn dh masuk..ske gler..dh lar mmg tgh kering gler..huhu..rse cm bernafas arr skit..hehehe..

tomorrow,i will go back to taiping wif my lil sis..nk amik buku rujukan..huhu..

::this my wrote for this week::

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