Sunday, July 30, 2006

what i've been looking for...

it's hard to believe
that i couldn't see
you were always there beside me

thought i was alone
with no one to hold
but you were always there beside me

this feeling's like no other
i want you to know

i've never had someone that knows me like you do
the way you do
i've never had someone as good for me as you
no one like you
so lonely before i finally found
what i've been looking for

--original sountrack high school musical--

::i think i've nothing to looking for..maybe afterwards my job maybe..huhu..i think i've got everything..i already have my gud frens,my buddys,my click n sewaktu dengannya..they are G.E.D.E.B.E comittee..they know me much than others..especially lynn n farah..misz u feelings,my soul,whenever i need them they will beside me whether they are busy or not..thanx gurls!!!..i also got my dear that always entertain me with jokes, question n sumtimes i can't make it to meet my dear every weekend..he still not mad at me..sumtimes i also think "dier nie xreti nk marah org ker" or "dier nie xde perasaan ker" dear, i'll accept u as you are whether u dh reti nk marah kt org or u dh ade perasaan nk frens at kutkm..all of u always help me in my study..i also like to kacau all of you whether u are in good mood or not..hihi..thanx to all..i think i already found what i've been looking for all this life n i have a wonderful life now:::

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