Tuesday, July 04, 2006

back from segamat..

last sunday,i went to segamat..sent my lil sis to uitm segamat..really tired coz the journey were bored n jauh nk mampus..we went there on saturday morning n reach melaka in the evening around 4pm..nothing to do that evening went to mp coz ayong wanna find a new shoes coz her shoes koyak..wah!!really amazed for mp..thats my lepak spot wif my dear..nothing change there..huhu..after finished there,went back to hotel n watch af in the big screen..salima out!!..yes!!really glad she was out..thanx to the voters..after finished af,sambung tgk wc until 1st half..england kalah..sleep..zzzz

next day,went to segamat..finished there around 2.30pm..forgot to tell..for the next sem i will bring my kelisa for me n my lil sis to use it..so we bring along that car n letak that car at ayong's father in law house at muar..so when i enroll for the next sem i dun have to bring that car along juz take it at that house..huhu..singgah that house,makan mee bandung muar[sedap gler!!]..then,continue our journey to back home..traffic jem before senawang seremban..really bored again in car.. sent my bro back to bukit raja..n finally reached at home around 2.40am..sleep until 11am..my mother cuti lagi..both of us have lunch after wactching diari af at a restaurant coz she not in mood for cooking..really tired..

::i miss already my lil sis::
::miss my dear very much::

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