Monday, June 26, 2006

sunday morning!!!

today,i've got to wake up early..early pon bkn nyer awal sangat..bout 9 am kut..hehehe..get dress n when to my mum's fren knduri..we reached there bout 11 sumting..i drive..we finished there bout tired but my mum promised already to go for resdung treatment..aargh!!! nitemare..FYI i also got resdung..i dont believe it..uwaaa!!..for this treatment it really hurts my eyes..really2 hurt..i dont know how hurt it i feel much better after the treatment..thanx to that makcik..i dont know what her name is..hehehhe..

then,my mum wanna have a haircut..i have to follow her again..n i have to have a haircut,i already cut my curly hair..its still curly but it just a bit short..heheh..still have the curly..reached home bout 5 pm..really tired.. high school musical at disney channel..quite good teenage movie produced by disney..zack efron look like adam af2..really cute..hehhe..then,watch gol&gincu the,that series talk bout trust n secret..mayb i can take some of the advise in that series today..the advise is:
1. we have to trust each other in every relationship such as frenz n ur luv ones.
2. always ask if u have sumting not clear in our mind.don't keep it..
3. u don have to tell every secret that u keep to your love.if it not really important to ur partner.

i think that the advise i can quote it out for you guys!!

::my dear tgh demam skang nie..cepat lar baik!!::

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