Sunday, June 25, 2006

family gathering!!!

last 2 days, i have family gathering..only family from my mum side..only 19 people [i think i told bout it already..hehehe..]..we've got very precious moment..n eat until u burst..hahaha..the food really delicious n we enjoyed it..only rm25 per promote lar plak..hehehe..

when we get there so many people..i forgot to mention here..last saturday,at bukit merah have majlis belia negara have sumting there..i dont know what it is..i think meeting kut..what eva!!!my aunty suggest that we gonna have 'cabutan bertuah'..every family got to bring prizes..anything hamper ker ape ker..up to the family bring the 'hamper'..same wif all the family juz bought it at the store taiping we've got 8 family will organize this, before we can eat my mum divide the number that my sis done before..i've got number 3 n my sis got number 2..hehehe..after makan time yg cam nk pecah perut tue br lar cabut undi..tokwan did 1st n ikut ranking..hehehe..quit funny here..when acu cabut, he got his number back..we never believe we check it the number that he got before..n he right..he got his number back..hehehe..really funny n amazed..

after finished cabutan bertuah,got some speech from every head of family..tokwan kinda of sebak when he in his speech..he gives us good advice..we also sebak there..uwaa..if he can read this..I LOVE U very much tokwan..after that,we have photo photo,photo wif cousin n bla many photo..after i've got the cd from abg ejan i'll upload it..huhu..then,we walk around there wif so many people n my sis played some games really happy..

::bought sumting for my dear n happy::

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