Saturday, June 24, 2006

heading tue bukit merah again!!!!??

today, me n my family heading to bukit merah..this my 2nd time there for this holiday..we've got family gathering there..all of my family will be there this evening..only 19 byk jer..huhuhu..quite excited..[wink..wink]

now,at my place raining..quite a heavy rain..its raining from subuh until now..seb bek leh gne pc n tgk tv..hahaha..

i've another TWO weeks for my gonna be in 3rd semester..I CAN'T BELIEVE IT!!!..i've just finished 1 year from 4 year my study..time pass very fast..huh..wut im talking bout now???..i juz wanna say "I WANNA BE AT HOME ALL THE TIME!!!!!"..hehe..

::signing off for bukit merah:::

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