Tuesday, June 13, 2006

2 days after bukit merah reunion...

we meet again guys..after 2 days at bukit merah..my body aching everywhere..2 days i cant get up my left hand..i think it bcoz we played the boomerang thing..very exiciting water games there..huhu..

at bukit merah,we really enjoyed our time together..we played everything games there..really exciting..check out my frenster photo..i already upload photo from my phone..other photo still at lynn..she dont upload it yet..i'll be waiting lynn!!..

i hope we can reunion again some other time..really misz you guy..after this i hope aliah n ili can come and join us..really hope two of u will be there..misz both of you really much..

i dont spend much time wif my boy..he works every night at his auntie restaurant..i misz him so much..i cant speak to him long..cant msg him all over night..i really miss him..i hope he will miss me too as much as i miss him..hope can meet him now..hahaha..really far away from my eyes..i dun noe what he's doing..is he fine or not..he always kept me thinking bout him..he will never tell me if he ok or not..he will make me happy whether he ok or not..i dun want that..i wanna know bout him more..i dont want him kept any secret from me..please help me..i really luv him..i luv him very much.. i dont know what am i doing if he dont be beside me all the time..i hope this relationship is worth and long..

thats all for now..hope this will make my feeling ok now..nite everybody..

check out this photo..

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