Thursday, December 07, 2006

holiday fever!!!!

i just coming back from my cousin wedding..she's just like my sis to me coz i dont have sis..sumtimes i fell really sad coz she have her husband now..she cant do the crazy thing with us again..huhuhu..but forget bout it..i stayed at penang for 1 week juz for her..prepare everything for her..the wedding really meriah..this was the 1st time kenduri in our family so it must be happenning to us..very da penat..doing all the work together with other 18 people..very tired..she's now at sabah..went for her, i prepare for my holiday to kuching sarawak..really excited..1st coz this 1st time i went there..2nd this my family trip its been so long i dont have family trip even without my bro..3rd i can meet udin there..i miss him so that all for now..i'll update later after i come back from kuching...

p/s:1) gedebe out there...i really miss u sorry if i done wrong with u guys..
2) my dear,see u soon!!

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