Sunday, November 04, 2007

tagged by lynn..

i've been tagged by lynn..actually i already doing this thing before..but just for my cutie pie lynn, i'll do it one more time..

5 things found in my bag :
my pda..
another hp in case of emergency..
buku latihan yg kulit coklat tue..
pen n mechanical pencil..
notes yg berterabur dlm 1 fail..aku panggil fail doraemon..huhuhu..

5 things found in my purse :
my ID [license n national id]..
receipt of recent purchase..
old movie ticket n bus ticket too..[ticket bus yg g temerloh aritue pon ade lg tau..]
card [bonuslink, bank, insurance n blood type]
stamp..incase kalo nk antr surat tanpa perlu pegi pejabat pos..

5 fav things in my room :
my really soft bed..
my books n magazine collection..
my old radio..
my teddy bear collection..

5 things i've always wanted to do :
date with a celebrity[cm zahid ker..uhuk..uhuk]
around the world alone..
be a good photographer..
shopping without thinking bout the money..

5 things i'm currently into :
maroon 5
facebook [not really updated..]

5 people i'm going to tag :
ili syairah..
dalila nizam..
aizuddin arbi..

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