Tuesday, October 30, 2007

gol n gincu season 2 finale...

i already finish watching this series..i love this show..but i dont really watch all the episode in this season..just finished watched the finale..i will find the dvd after this..watching this finale episode makes me thing bout my life n everything crap happen in my life..watching this series also make u think bout ur surrounding, family n friends n appreciate them..n of course bout love life..anything can happen n change ur life suddenly..but not the people that surrounding u..they mayb love u more than anything.. so please appreciate them..then, in the series also taught me about making decision..just think bout ur happiness not others..in other words, make ur desicion by ur self not others..be selfish with urself..

in that finale, i love to watch when shasha meet haikal back in library..i remember their line,
haikal: you dont have to be my friend if u want too..coz im always yours..
shasha: i want too be ur friend..
haikal: i miss u too..
i really love this part..then, i also love how reza propose putri at the futsal field..really catched my breathe..huhuhuhuhu..n the end they have all happy life..

my friends out there..if u have this series..please give it to me..k

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