Wednesday, November 14, 2007


monday was my 2nd was THERMODYNAMIC II..its really hard though i cant do it the paper..hope i will get just pass that, i dont have to repeat that 3rd paper is TECHNICAL COMUNICATION III..byk kan..smpai 3..huhuhu..just english jer..xde lar risau sgt..huhuhu..

i just download timbaland present:shock value album..this album really great..the music inside there makes me wanna shake my body..yeah..huhuhu..the collaborate singer inside this album really talented enough..before this i already hear maroon 5.. they really great..their music really fresh..and adam levine voice really hot..n he's hot's really hard nowadays to find the male singer have the voice same when they going on live..i dont lie when im doing this review..his voice really same when the group doing live..i already watch it on youtube..

p/s:i dont know why i really like to hear all the song in any album which i download..before this i just download their hits song..

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