Friday, March 27, 2009

EARTH HOUR 2009 28/03/09

Sign up for Earth Hour

tomorrow, the whole country will be in the dark starting from 8.30 pm till 9.30 pm..hope there are no any such thing like "if there will be no lights, so there are no traffic about the hospital.are they must be in the dark too?"..all this questions i'm sure there is an answer, come on guys..please sign up here or just click the earth hour logo that i put in this some support to our earth..maybe this will be our small contribution for our future..


iovantgarde said...

umah aku suke kegelapan,,hati memasing pon dah gelap dah..hahaha

kaynahana said...

aku bru tau pasal earth hour nie thun nie..
jom sama2 tutup lampu..