Wednesday, October 08, 2008

new regulation..

from now on, all mechanical student in UTeM are compulsory to wear safety shoes when u wanna go inside lab including all lab yg sgt2 lar safe n bengkel (mesti lar kene pakai..kang jatuh terpijak paku xdijamin kaki tue akn selamat), i already buy it..tadaaa...


not soo cntik lar this shoes..its just for safety k..inside the shoes have some metal that will protect our feet..this shoe very heavy and actually i xberapa padan sgt disebabkan kaki yg chumel size 5 jer yg plg kecil..nk xnk kena bli cost me rm80.00 + rm14.90 puma stoking..i have to wear it in lab even we doing the tutorial session..sabar jelah..

now, im blogging coz i have to finish my final year project report..this report must submit on thursday before, agak byk yg perlu di sleep for me tonite..huhuhu..after this bole tdo sepuas2 nyer..last nite, went naim's house for his open house..i'll update the pic after this hectic work finished..huhuhu..

::worried with my weight::

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