Thursday, January 03, 2008

what im doing today..

today,aku br belajar satu bnda yg baru..xpenah pon blaja dlm kelas or others..aku blaja pasang tube kt pneumatik silinder..double cylinder and single cylinder..cylinder nie kalo yg blaja mekanikal diorg kate hidraulic system..actually salah..byk different antara hidraulik n pneumatik..this the pic what i already done..

this thing called cylinder..
double cylinder..
enough already wat i learned in this practical..i want a new watch actually..but i have to decide which one i need the most..i must choose between a watch and a new hp..i think i choose hp..god know if i have enough money to buy that watch..
this is the watch that i want it so much..
k folks..that's my updates..
p/s: i miss my buddy so much..

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