Tuesday, January 15, 2008

dream bf or husband..

i just read an article from EH! mag december edition..a lil bit late i read that mag..i have no time now..huhuhuhu..in this article actually in malay, she describe bout her dream bf n she wanna he became her husband..but now i will tell u mine..

my future bf must have all of this criteria..

1)he must be a religious man..tapi tak perlu lar org surau..sekadar boleh membimbing aku ke jalan yang benar..

2)sort of funny person..i dont really know how to make a joke..i hope he can do it..huhuhu..

3)i want a bf that can ignore me for a while and do it his job or anything..then, he will come back to me after he finished his job..senang cite die bole yg concentrate ngan satu2 keje or anything..he also can give a space for me to doing anything with frens or my hobby..xperlu lar dia nk kena ikut apa hobby aku..just bg sokongan pon dh ok..i dont want a bf yg mcm leeches..nk kena melekat 24 hours..

4)i want a bf with transport..anything..i dont care..if he has a car its better..

5)money of coz..apa nk jadi kalo xdak duit..cmne nk sara anak dara kalo xdak duit..even he be just a bf..

6)he must be not too romantic..just biase2 jer..sometime he can be romantic lar..

7)his body must be a tough but no need lar yg 6 packs..takut plak tgk org yg tough nie..

8)kalo bole i want a guy yg bole pkai bj long sleeve t-shirt or shirt kaler putih..i mean bile pkai bj cmnie xde lar nmpak perut boroi ke or yg xbest lar..nmpak smart lar..then he must be ala2 rockers skit..xde lar yg gothic tue..biase2 jer..die mesti pndai dress up lar..xperlu lar plak yg tetapkn bj nie utk apa..suar nie utk apa..just pndai padankn bj die..

9)i like bald man..just like timothy oliphant..nmpak smart..

its too many to list down here..tapi yg nie lar yg penting rase nyer..nie bkn nyer memilih tapi kalo bole nk lar ada ciri idaman nie..xkan lelaki jer bole ada ciri2 wanita idaman..kita org pompuan pon nk ada gak..sekadar garis panduan..kalo yg dtg xdak cm dlm criteria yg diatas nie nak wat cmne..terima jelah..

that's all for now..

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