Monday, August 02, 2010

life as a working person..

salam to all,

i've already been as permanent staff at proton about 3 weeks..actually i already work here bout 6 months for my On-Job-Training for GEMS Programme.. Alhamdulillah, the Management team realised my work and ability to be absorb as permanent workers.. as been absorbs as permanent workers, i have to go through 6 months probation period..i just follow their regulation..

so, my work life is fun and sometimes it bored to death (Monday blues)..but i still manage to finish my work and assignment on time..Thank ALLAH to that..

now, i already,there will be a salary..hehehehe..that the best is my wishlist for the next thing i will buy:
1) A watch

Hope my mum will approve it..i found this watch at Subang Parade when I went for dinner with lynn..she also approved it..i also like it..

2) New Handphone

Blackberry Bold II

Iphone 3GS..if i can get Iphone 4G its really fine..confirm xcari len punya..hehehehe..

Reason need new phone: because I loike both of them..hehehe

3) New DSLR
Reason for this: want to upgrade with new lens..with D60 is limited.

i think only that i want for now..hope i can achieve it..

p/s: have to save for raya..


fAriefArihan said...

vote for blackberry!!

catt said...

blackberry cm jd org sgt berkerjaya plak..hehehehe..

illy said...

dh kije ehh..congratulsionnnn