Wednesday, September 17, 2008

22nd birthday..

today, im now 22 years old..being 22 years old gurl not so much different from before..yet, im still the same person..passion with study (sumtimes not..huhu..), doesnt have bf, luv to be with my gurlfrens, still in love with newest gadgets in town and last but not least photographer still will be my 2nd career after this..hope so..

last nite and this morning i got a bundle of text message..

1st - adik..actually she sent me an mms..unfortunately, that message corrupt..sorry dear..
2nd -chaz..adik's rummate..
3rd - c's classmate..
4th - mr aizudin arbi..actually, i really hope he doesnt remember my birthday..but he,jiwa kaco jap mlm td..
5th - my best buddy in entire world, ms shopaholic lynn..babe, my wish for this year only get a new bf and finish my study on time..
6th - my gurlfren, ms siti farah u too babe!!!
7th - nass..adik's bestfren..
8th - my beluved sister-in-law, c's jaja..thanx c's..c's u know my birthday but abg forget..huhuhu
9th - erin, my ex-schoolmate..
10th - my beloved gurlfren, ms creative-cum-doc-wannabe farie farihan, luv u too babe!!!
11th - eno, my ex-mmc, thanx for remembering my birthday..
12th - einn, my junior at bainun..
13th - asri, adik's bf..thanx dude..
14th - my gurlfren, ms job hunter iekha..thanx babe..luv ya!!

actually, first people wish my birthday is my beluved daddy..he called me before midnite coz he have biro tatanegara at ulu kenas..hp signal receiver there not really, he called me on the way he went there..thanx abah!!luv u very much!!!!this morning, my mummy called..wish me and have a lot of chatting with her..she kept ask me what i want for this birthday..last birthday, my parents gave me new for this birthday, below are my birthday wishlist..

my birthday wishlist:
::a dslr camera from sony, nikon or canon::
::apple iphone::
::ipod shuffle::
::timberland sling bag::
::trip to anywhere in indonesia::
::buka puasa with my beloved gurlfrens::

buka puasa today, my housemate wanna cook especially for me..they wanna cook nasik lemak as main menu..cant wait for it..

p/s: anyone can fulfill my wishes??huhuhu..

::birthday just increase your age, not your inside::

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