Tuesday, June 24, 2008

the last day of school..

today is the last day of school..for me its a big relieve..i have already done my responsible to the kids and sometime i enjoyed it and sometimes not..but i just give all my heart to this job..for me teaching is not my field..and i will not choose teaching for my profession..maybe as a lecturer or tutor i can accept it..huhuhu..teach a kid is easy to see and hard to do..even the teacher i met here in this school said the kids nowadays are not same with kids for the past 5 years..the kids now have a big mouth and does not have passionate to study..they only know gossips, song and dance shuffle to be exact..this kids really such a waste..but what can i do..they just be like that..huhuhu..

my lil sis will come back her break today after her exam..she come back with my cousin, abg ejan..really miss her..thats why im postphone my trip to genting on thursday..huhuhu..

so, after this im going to kl and genting with my beloved gurlfrens..me, lynn, yan and farah..just 4 of us..the others have their own life and i really cant wait to see you guys..lalalala..too many gossips and talk we will do..but for lynn n yan no football please..both of u can talk bout football after this k..huhuhu..im really2 excited now..hey guys, wanna watch movie tomorrow??wink wink..made of honour are in my mind now..lalalala..this evening, i will find the ticket and tonite, i can pack my stuff..what im going to pack arr??..wink wink..lynn,a little help here please??..

before that, just make a list of my stuff before im going back to melaka..me and 3 frens of mine already rent a house there..and i have to buy some stuff such as pillow, mattress, nilon cupboard n etc..the most important thing is that house already had refrigerator, washing machine n television..all this 3 things is my need..huhu..but we still have to save the energy since only 4 of us in that house..huhuhu..

thats all guys..im off to genting n kl k..i'll update my blog on sunday k..daaa..

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