Friday, March 26, 2010


been here at proton for bout 3 months, i found so many attitude and character..some are bad..some are good..but, i don't like people don't respect to their subordinate..they talk very proud and don't care bout the other feeling..example:

person 1: nah, amek table nie. ko isi setiap hari. minggu depan aku nk tgk..aku nk tgk benda nie siap secepat mungkin..*with arrogant face*

person 2: what the dghdjj*curse to the person 1*

this conversation i hear by myself..very rude and not respect..i think if i were the man he talk to, of course i will not respect to want to ask for help from someone, why don't u ask very politely..don't feel you are the boss and you have the power, then you can ask anyone like that..everybody has the feeling..of course the subordinate will done the work but with feel of anger and tak ikhlas..this is only my opinion and what i feel and of course what i feel..i really respect my subordinate even they older than me..i respect them like i respect my father and brother..make joke with them, have tt session with them, treat them well..that's how i make bond to them..they also respect me as their higher person [even i'm not too tall]..this is what we need in an organisation..respect each that, we can made our job smoothly and clearly..

p/s: I'm not the person 1..please bear in mind..

Catt@Kauthar Ahmad Tajudin

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