Wednesday, February 03, 2010

life partner..'s another prosperous year to us..I'm here being called to write about life partner..for now, I don't have any life partner..many of my friends already settle down in their life..some of them already married..some of them already engage..congrats to them..then, some of them already find their the other half and happy in their relationship..I also happy for them too..

Me?..I'll be 24 this September..many people at work ask me "Do you have a boyfriend?When you gonna married or engage?"..all this question sometimes it's killing mum also already ask all this life question, but I don't have any answer for all that it in the age of 24 I have to has a boyfriend and getting married?..for me it's not the time is because I just started working life..need to stabilize myself and life too..some of my friend that already married, they already their permanent job and has a good life..that's why they already married..comparing to me that has nothing

being involved in a relationship, it's need high commitment between 2 person..and it's not benefit to one side only..maybe for now I can't do 2 works in the same time..being in relationship and working..but if I have a relationship,maybe I can divide myself..

through out my life, I only been in 2 relationship..both of them are nice to me and I really appreciate them..they give me one of life experience and that make me strong to live in this world..thanks to them..

for now, I want to find a partner that can complete me..I'm not a choosey person but I have to find a guy that I comfort with him..not too handsome, not too rich..just average and ordinary person..and most important is he has to have a vehicle..if it's a car, an old car, it's good enough for me..I'm tired being the car owner and I drive myself..sometimes I just wanna be a passenger..I wanna find a guy that want to be my partner in life not it's not my time to have fun with all this boyfriend stuff..and now the questions pop-up in my mind is where I'm gonna find him and when the time will come?hopefully I can get married before 28 or 29..*wink*

Catt@Kauthar Ahmad Tajudin..

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farhaniza said...

nway..dont get bother with this matters..sumtime sumhow u will find sum1..he will looks after u..