Monday, August 31, 2009


today, on 31 august 1957 Malaysia gained it own merdeka from british with all the hard way that can be think about..just now i'm watching Hati Malaya at really make me realize that Tunku Abdul Rahman really wanted the merdeka very much until he can 'bergadai nyawa n harta benda' to gain it..and im crying watching it..

after im watching it, i realize, we as Malaysian has to unite in order to have the merdeka in our own country..every malaysian have to take the 1Malaysia campaign is because we only one country in the world that has many races [correct me if i have the wrong fact here] that live in the same place and lived together..we speak the same language [Bahasa Melayu] with the other's bullshit if malaysian doesn't know how to speak Bahasa Melayu..Bahasa Melayu it's the language that have a beautiful verb and noun except for dialec..i admit that i'm not really good in Bahasa Melayu but i'm proud that i can speak and write it..

so, Selamat Hari Kemerdekaan Ke-52 to Malaysia..hope the peace that we have now can remain until last..

::saja nk tulih dlm English::

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Anonymous said...

tetba tring kat korg2 sumer...
windu ar... huhuhuhuhu... :(