Thursday, April 10, 2008


next week will be my last week for my industrial training..i feel happy of coz, sad bcoz they really nice to me n much more feeling..hurmm..but not the best thing i have to do is technical report..huhuhuhu..too many thing to write..but i have to estimate it..just the important thing only..but im not really start it now..i just finished the getting lazy now..
actually,i feel missing of something..but i dont know what im missing..i feel a hole in my heart..i dont have any enthusiasm of anything..even a great movie that i have to watch it..maybe i need some rest..too much work i done..i need a good rest i mean..but i dont have anyone wanna go for a holiday..everyone getting busy with their own with their thesis,focussing with final exam,attend their industrial training,having family problem n bla bla bla..huhuhuhu..but i will go for a holiday alone..i dont know where to go..anyone interested??do tell me..

last week, i went for merisik for my bro..we went to temerloh for kak jaja's house..they really nice to us..too many things to discuss..n i can eat the real masak tempoyak ikan patin..really nice..her mom do it just for bro engagement date are will be held at 1st june my family n i will go to temerloh a day, about the preparation..just went to butik pengantin and reserved the dulang..that butik also will make sirih junjung..n i will decorate the bekas that mummy bought it..just ribbons n some flower..but mummy dont buy that ribbons n flowers so i dont have to do it for now..huhuhuhu..after finished discuss everything with kak jaja's parents, we went to visit my lil sis..we really miss her very much..we arrived at her place at 12.15am..and pick her at her hostel n went to segamat town for our check in one of hotel there at 12.45am..sleep n wake up at 10.00 am..all of us..really tired..we have breakfast n lunch at old town cafe..really nice kopitiam..huhuhu..after that, went to giant segamat for shopping my sis stuff..send her back n we get back..then,mummy make a plan for satay kajang..but all the way back its, i said to mummy if at nilai not raining we can go to kajang..and its amazing at seremban its not we went to kajang for satay..after finished eating there,i take a rest for driving n i slept all the way back..i just realised i already at home..hahahahaha..

p/s:i will be back to melaka for my technical report poster presentation..n i dont prepared anthing me!!!

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