Wednesday, September 26, 2007


this sem, at the end of the sem really busy for 3rd year student of mechanical engineering who is taking course BMCS n BMCT..we has to finish our 3 problem based learning(pbl) that we cant solve it..presentation for each pbl..then a report writing for that pbl..then again, test that come out from nowhere..quiz...really tired this this fasting season..really hot..

ramadhan kali ini, aku perlu mkn sayur n ikan not on diet but im getting allergic..alergic tue aku jadi gatal2 1 badan..pastu mkn ubt ngantuk gler..kurg mmberi kesan pon..huhuhu..nk blk umah cpt..sbb mummy dh jnji nk msak sup ikan merah n makaroni goreng yg xde cant eat seafood ayam n daging, skrang aku dh kurus skit..sbb jadi vegetarian..huhuhuhu...

p/s:im conting the day nk blk raya!!!!

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