Monday, August 06, 2007


this is a reasons why i break up with u:

1.coz of my mum..i know u will said before this i said my mum dont care bout our relationship..but i know deep down of her heart she dont really like our relationship..i know my mum better than u..i feel guilty also to ur mum..i know ur mum will not say anything but as a daughter i know ur mum will have deep down inside her heart that i make her son not an excellent student..for sure ur mum will said if u have me will be an excellent student coz u have an inspiration..but u not like that..i dont wanna broke this 2 heart that love us very much..

2.coz of ur future..u wanna be an engineer??how come u wanna be an engineer with ur cgpa like that?u know what i mean rite..think about ur u can find again is everywhere..

3.coz i bored when im with you..i can be bored if im doing the same thing for bout 2 years..i know u will said that u not boring to be with futhermore u really happy..but not for me..the routine just like every weekend we hang out n watching movie together..having dinner together..that's boring man..u will said why i dont tell u that im boring with that routine..i dont want u to be sad..for that i just follow u..

4.coz of my in year 3 now..same to u..but our course is different..i have so many things to do for now..i have my work for mpp, i dont really have much time to study n time for u..before i have to many works n i dont have time for, better we break up..if i dont give some time to u, u will fell sad..i dont reply ur msg u will "sindir" me..doing other works till own bf "tolak tepi"..i dont want that..

5.coz im tired with being honestly to u..i really tired with love..i think i made the rite desicion when i couple with u..but im wrong..i dont have much time for myself n my best fren..i cant being myself alone sometime..when im wanna alone u will ask me why..sometime ladies want their time alone to be thinking bout their future..

6.coz i feel im done a lot of sin to Allah..with this reason u will said "ape lar pompuan nie ttbe nk ckp psal agama plak..bkn nyer pndai mane pon agama tue..sembang je lebey"..for the time being i have aware with this issue..i have realize i shouldn't done antything that break our rule as a Muslim..

now, im really happy with my life..i really appreciate all ur happiness and kindness to me..i dont wanna think bout love anymore..i just wanna finish my study n be a good engineer..insyaallah..plz dont make me tension with all of ur friends..u know what i mean..n arul..i dont mean to do this decision..but for the time being this the best solution that i can make..i know u will blame sorry for hurt ur fren heart..

p/s:hope u will accept all of this reason i gave to is everywhere..u can find it if u want to..

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